Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer!

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer!
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer!

This is squamous cell carcinoma or cancer of the lower lip. This type of cancer often appear on the lower lip in an area of chronic sun damage called actinic cheilitis. Actinic chelitis develops on the lower lip after a lifetime of sun exposures and burns on the lip. One should suspect actinic chelitis if the lips becomes dry, scaly, and cracked. At first, when cancer is developing on the lip, the skin of the lip becomes slightly thickened.  Afterwards, this thickened area becomes a firm bump or papules. It continues to get bigger becoming an enlarged tumor. At the same time squamous cell carcinoma becomes more advanced, growing deeper into the lip, hardening the area. Eventually, it forms it can form an ulcer in the middle of the tumor. There is often a history of smoking which increase the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma of the lip. The upper lip is rarely involved with these lesions. The majority of squamous cell carcinomas of the lower lip are seen in men. 

These cancerous lesions on the lip are dangerous as they may spread or metastazise and can lead to death if not treated. See your dermatologist immediately for a biopsy if you suspect actinic chelitis or squamous cell carcinoma of the lip 


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