Treatment of Abrasions for the Skin!

Treatment of Abrasions for the Skin!
Treatment of Abrasions for the Skin!
Abrasions of the skin are very common among active kids and adults. The upper or superficial layer called the epidermis is rubbed away by a shearing force such as moving contact with a rough surface leaving raw denuded skin. Usually, the deeper layer of the epidermis becomes exposed. Abrasions usually display minimal bleeding and fortunately heal quickly without scarring as long as repeated trauma is avoided. If the abrasion goes to deeper layer such as the dermis or even deeper to the fat under the dermis, it is more than a graze and then it may heal with an elevated, red and at times painful scar.  The history of accidental trauma during playing sports or falls is common. 

Older individuals are more prone to abrasions due to the aging process and chronic sun exposure. Both of these factors cause loss of the natural undulation of the skin between the epidermis and the dermis decreasing the area of firm contact between these layers. Slight trauma in the elderly can sheer the entire thickness of the epidermis off the dermis resulting in a deeper abrasion. This heals more slowly than superficial abrasions and usually results in scarring. There are rare inherited skin diseases that result in increased skin fragility, called epidermolysis bullosa This group of similar, though distinctive skin conditions results in poor skin attachment at various skin levels. If the weakness is superficial in the epidermis, then scarring is not seen on healing. Detachment below the junction of the epidermis and dermis results in healing with horrible scars. Skin trauma in these conditions must therefore be scrupulously avoided.

Treatment of abrasions.

Common abrasions fortunately heal spontaneously if repeated trauma is avoided. Larger abrasions are painful and therefore may interfere with function such as flexing of an effected joint. Abrasions also may be secondarily infected. On injury it is it important to thoroughly wash the abrasion with a bar soap to prevent infections. Additionally, if there is any dirt or road asphalt on the wound surface, if possible it should be thoroughly removed as it can cause tattooing of the wound on healing. Avoidance of further injury and the topical application of OreganKnow healing ointment will prevent infections, speed healing and result in less scarring. Applying a non-stick adhesive pad over the OreganKnow healing ointment will heal the wound heal even quicker. 
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