12 Home remedies for Brittle nails. How to Fix?

The cause of brittle nails is usually external factors. Treatment is effective and includes vitamins supplements, oregano extract, moisturizing products and avoidance of irritants and chemical that dries the nails. Emory Boards should be avoided. Avoid repeated exposure to water followed by drying through the use of rubber gloves with cotton liners.

1. Keep nails short.

2. When doing wet work wear cotton gloves under rubber gloves.

3. Avoid alcohol based hand sanitizers as they dehydrate nails

4. Take an occasional cosmetic holiday with a break from polish remover.

5. Nail polish should not be removed too frequently because of damaging effect of acetone based nail polish remover.

6. Do not use chemical cuticle removers as they damage the nail plate.

7. Use Glass or crystal nail files, not Emory bards. Emory boards create tiny tears on the free edge of the nail plate.

8. Moisturize the nails with OreganKnow healing ointment at night

9. Once a week, hydrate nails with Glycoloic acid such as Glytone Rejuvenating Cream with 20 Free Acid Value Glycolic Acid.

10. Avoid nail hardners as they are ineffective and need to be removed with damaging solvents.

11. Consider daily biotin supplement 2.5mg for a least 4 months

12. Oral doses of Viatamin E 1200 IU for a least 6 months