Cracked, Dry Feet?

Many people suffer from dry and cracked skin of the feet. In the early stages the skin is rough, itchy with peeling skin. If left untreated, cracks develop at the edges of the feet, especially by the heel. The cracks become deeper and can bleed and even be a nidus or entry point for bacterial infections. Rarely these deep cracks called fissures bleed.

There are a multitude of factors that lead to the development of cracked, dry feet. Some folks simply have a tendency to have dry feet which is occasionally exacerbated by underlying medical conditions. These include low thyroid levels, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes and fungal foot infections. If these conditions are suspected, a visit to the dermatologist might be indicated so as to receive medical attention before you embark on home remedies. Even if this is not the case, feet sweat and this moisture accumulates in socks and footwear. When shoes or sneakers are removed at night, this macerated mess evaporates and the feet dry out. Long periods of standing, especially when associated with obesity put pressure on the heels resulting in the skin splits leading to cracks. Harsh detergents in soap remove our innate or natural skin oils. Additionally, as we age our skin gets drier because of a progressive decreased ability of the skin to retain water. Finally, during the winter, cold dry air exacerbated dry, cracked skin of the feet.

Simple home remedies: