How to Hide a Pimple?

You are excited to go out when a bad, hormonal, monster pimple suddenly appears on your chin. Panic sets in. This skincare routine offers quick acting, life hack tips to make the pimple disappear now. Treatment recommendations include specific products including the best concealer of red and medicated make-up for hiding and stat treatment of cystic acne lesions. 

1.Take a warm wash cloth and clean the pore out by applying to the pimple for 5 minutes.

2.Following this apply an ice cube to the area for one minute only.

3.Apply a very thin coat of OTC hydrocortisone cream to decrease the inflammation or visit your local dermatologist for a tiny cortisone injection into the cyst. Tell him or her to go low on the cortisone concentration and only use a tiny volume of injection so the pimple is not more noticeable.

4.Apply a dot of LA Girl Pro High Definition Concealer (1, GC 992 Green Corrector) to optically make the green less visible.

5.Finally, cover the monster with Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer, than pick one of the 4 shades that best matches your skin tone. It not only conceals the pimple but the salicylic acid is antibacterial, unblocks pores and dries up the acne cyst.