Paper Cuts Easy Home Remedies for Prompt Healing!

Paper cuts occur in the blink of an eye and are extremely painful especially on the dorsal aspect or back of the fingers. Repeated use of the hand rips these tiny fissure or microscopic crevices open leading to more excruciating pain and slow healing. Practical remedies are given for prompt attention and quick healing.   

Here are the remedies for the immediate care and healing of a paper cut. A paper cut happens unexpectedly and inflicts instant pain. It is not surprising that 20lb paper which is common copy paper can easily inflict a paper cut. This paper is 0.1mm thick which is 0.004 inches in thickness. The average carving knife that does an admirable job on a turkey is thicker than copy paper at 0.35 mm or 0.014 in inches. Dragging the edge of standard copy paper in a slicing motion across the skin cuts through the epidermis, upper layer of the skin, like butter.

The nerve ending on the fingers are given a lot of attention by the brain as the tactile or touch sensation of the fingers is essential for fine sensory discrimination such as perceiving the quality of an object, or fine motor skills such as fastening buttons, writing or picking up tiny objects. A paper cut does not damage the sensory nerve but irritates them enough to send pulsating pain signals to the brain. 

In the right location, especially the dorsal or back of the fingers, the paper cut is torn open each time the finger is bent. Pain signals are repeatedly sent to the brain each time this occurs.


1.First wash the cut with soap and water to minimize bacterial contamination which delays healing and can lead to an infection.

2.Apply OreganKnow healing ointment as the anti-inflammatories and antioxidants instantly soothe the pain while the oregano leaf extract will minimize bacterial contamination.3.Cover the paper cut with Curad’s Fabric. Adhesive Bandages. The woven construction conforms to the wound. The island pad does not adhere to the wound and they are latex free.

4.Apply the OreganKnow healing ointment 2X per day followed by Curad’s Fabric Adhesive Bandages and the paper cut will heal in several days