Diet and Wound Healing!

Diet and Wound Healing!
Diet and Wound Healing!
There are 3 stages for wound healing. Wounds become inflamed, then fresh, new skin begins to proliferate and grow, and finally, in the last phase, the wound remodels itself and heals. Wounds that are non-healing are stuck in the inflammation stage. Wound healing requires a tremendous increase in the need to eat calories, especially protein. 
Dietary tips for healing wounds:
1. Dietary Protein 0.8 mg /kg of body weight or about 70 grams per day for the average person. In particular, glutamine (14 grams per/ day) combined with Beta-hydroxy-beta methyl butyrate (HMB) (3 grams/day) and arginine (4 grams per/ day) has been shown in University studies to stimulate new collagen synthesis to help heal wounds. These components are combined in a nutritional drink, commercial available as Juven.®  see
2. Balanced diet containing fruits, dairy, vegetables, and grains.
3. Minerals and vitamins: vitamin A 5000IU per day, Vitamin C 1-2 grams per day, Zinc 15-30mg per day.
4. Adequate water intake to keep well-hydrated.
5. Good blood sugar control for diabetics.
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